Running and Resistance

We all run in some shape or form. We might go for a jog a few times a week, play a sport like football or athletics, we might even just run to catch the bus everyday.

But are we doing the right training?

When you run you have the potential load of a baby elephant on your joints. These joints are compressed with every step and over-use can cause them to become inflamed, painful and sore. This could lead to serious long term joint disorders unless you look after them.

Varying your distances and times running can help. But the key thing I always see missing from a runners programme is a good resistance plan. Doing resistance can improve your bones density and muscle strength. It will also help increase your joint strength. Exercises like squats will put the body under stress (this is a good thing) and increase your strength, this can help keep your joints strong and keep you free from injury. You will also find that with a good resistance plan your running will improve.



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