Eat Breakfast and Lose Weight

Has anyone told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

But Why?

Well, it breaks the night long fast your body has just been through but, it also helps improve the body’s metabolism. A lot of people miss out breakfast as they don’t have enough time getting ready for school or work, some leave it out as a way to help them lose weight! Well in fact breakfast can easily be incorporated in to a busy lifestyle and aid sensible weight loss.

Missing breakfast means your metabolism will take longer to start and burn fat at rest, which is just what we don’t want! We want to speed up our metabolism in order to burn fat at rest. Missing breakfast could also lead to fatigue even before you get to lunch time. This will lead you to eat more fast releasing carbohydrates such as sugars and white breads which, we all know can lead to weight gain.

Start eating breakfast today and feel the difference.

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