Paul Smith

Health Consultant – REPS Advanced Level 3 Qualified

Leading a healthy lifestyle has led me to become part of the health and fitness industry. Watching my Dad compete in various athletic events around the country as a young boy, gave me an interest to get involved in team sports such as football and have since never looked back. Becoming more aware of the importance of a healthier lifestyle has given me a passion to help others achieve their goals.

Since I have started in the ind

ustry, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience writing programmes for different people, from weight loss to muscle mass, as well as sports specific. I have worked with many clients individually and as a group. Working with a number of sports teams and alongside Sports Therapists has given me the direction for my future.

I pride myself in offering the highest possible service to anyone I work with, helping them achieve their goals is of great importance to me.

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