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Eat Breakfast and Lose Weight

Has anyone told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? But Why? Well, it breaks the night long fast your body has just been through but, it also helps improve the body’s metabolism. A lot of people miss out breakfast as they don’t have enough time getting ready for school or [...]

Running and Resistance

We all run in some shape or form. We might go for a jog a few times a week, play a sport like football or athletics, we might even just run to catch the bus everyday. But are we doing the right training? When you run you have the potential load of a baby elephant [...]

Drink Water, Increase Your Energy & Feel Healthy

Do you ever think ’Why am I so tired after lunch time?‘. Well the simple answer could be ’YOU’RE DEHYDRATED‘. Now we all say that we drink enough water a day, but are we? Studies have shown that 72% of the UK are dehydrated. We should be drinking around 2.5 liters of water  a day. I hear some [...]